360 Video | NFL & Verizon

NFL – Verizon – Wasserman Experience

Together with the team at Two Bit Circus VR, I helped create a first-person NFL experience for a Verizon installation in downtown Phoenix for Superbowl XLIX.

To achieve the point of view of a football player, the camera had to be smoothly and quickly moved through a choreographed play without inducing motion sickness or seeing any gear. I designed a low profile mounting system that allowed the camera to be transported at running-speed down the field while hiding a vehicle and operator in the smallest possible footprint directly below.

The physical installation was the centerpiece of the Verizon Power House. Four experience “pods” contained oversized football helmets packed with surround sound speakers. The helmets were lowered over guests’ heads while they wore a GearVR and stood on top of haptic floor plates that were driven by transducers. I made a system that allowed operators to press a single button to simultaneously trigger the multi-channel audio in sync with a bluetooth signal to start video playback on the headset.

Source: weremagnetic.com

Source: weremagnetic.com

One of the pods was then installed as an in-store GearVR demo flagship Verizon store on Third Street in Santa Monica.