360 Video | NBA & Samsung

NBA  – Samsung – Wasserman Experience

Leading up to the 2015 NBA all-star game, we created a series of experiences that take you on the court for a practice session with JJ Redick, Kelly Olynick, Brian Scalabrine, Will Conry and Marcus Smart.

These experiences include a lot of action close to the camera as well as head mounted first person shots. Editing the experiences allowed me to experiment with directing attention to effectively and naturally use the 360 space. One challenge is that while the viewer can and should be free to look around and explore, there is a single point that is the most interesting, in this case it is the ball and it’s always on the move. Every movement has to flow smoothly from the previous action and be oriented optimally so that the viewer doesn’t get lost and confused.

These experiences are viewable in Samsung’s MilkVR if you have a GearVR. Spinning chair recommended.